Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 29th Giveaway Highlights!

A very fashionable backpack from Dwell studio

A super thank you basket for those that provide help at home!

We love our Foogo, so this Safe Sippy contest is perfect for us!

Rockin' baby clothes are up my alley

To keep in touch with relatives out of the area, check out this skype setup:

Children's Place giftcard here! giveaway

Natural Mommy giveaway: here Thanks to

Some really fashionable and wise baby gift items here:

Baby music instruments to develop that inner musician!

crayola scribbles for the little ones!

A Mutsy Stroller for you fashionista mamas:

Darling Food Feature Clothing

I love this little Bib from Bib A Roo. I have a similarly designed bib for my daughter and it's a lifesaver for protecting nice clothing:

Baby Bjorn Potty Seat Giveaway...great for a step up from the potty

Music for the bebs!

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