Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 29th Giveaway Highlights!

A very fashionable backpack from Dwell studio

A super thank you basket for those that provide help at home!

We love our Foogo, so this Safe Sippy contest is perfect for us!

Rockin' baby clothes are up my alley

To keep in touch with relatives out of the area, check out this skype setup:

Children's Place giftcard here! giveaway

Natural Mommy giveaway: here Thanks to

Some really fashionable and wise baby gift items here:

Baby music instruments to develop that inner musician!

crayola scribbles for the little ones!

A Mutsy Stroller for you fashionista mamas:

Darling Food Feature Clothing

I love this little Bib from Bib A Roo. I have a similarly designed bib for my daughter and it's a lifesaver for protecting nice clothing:

Baby Bjorn Potty Seat Giveaway...great for a step up from the potty

Music for the bebs!
My husband is very reluctant to take time off from work, so I feel so blessed to have been able to spend four lovely days with him this week! He is a wonderful musician and received an amp head and a switch pedal (I am not, so I'm certain that my terminology is off!) for Christmas. So...I guess it was only natural for him to lock himself away to fiddle on his guitar. Ugh...
Though, last night we had an exciting night and caught a really good local band. While I adore my daughter and all of the time we spend together, it is nice to be able to head out as adults!
We also stopped by American Apparel and picked out one rocking dress that I think i'm planning on wearing for New Years. More to come...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Great giveaways for December 26!

Giveaway for letter, number and symbol trays -- great motivation for kids' reading and eating. YUM!

Head on over to mama and hustler for some Amazon lovin' -- that's $25 on a gift certificate

Drool!! Back up your precious photos with a Seagate external harddrive! floral arrangements gift certificate!

Yummy organic baby clothing!

See Kai Run Shoes -- A favorite in our household!

And even more See Kai Run Shoes!
Our family had a super beautiful Christmas. I would say that this is the first year where our daughter really "gets" Christmas. Last year, she was basically oblivious to the whole thing, but this year...boy oh boy! She wasn't enthralled with the boxes like other baby stories I've heard. She really did enjoy all of her new toys and paraded around the house all day wearing the little apron and cape that Yaya made for her. My mother also made a beautiful waldorf doll. It was on my Christmas list for our daughter and I couldn't be more pleased. I'll upload pictures soon. She's GORGEOUS and I am so proud of my mom and her talents. I can't believe she pulled it off on her very first dollmaking attempt. That said, she is a perfectionist and a wonderful seamstress!